4th Trip of 2016

Trip 4 (June 14th – 23rd)

This was our second CHAT trip of the field season. Onboard were my long-term colleagues Dr. Adam Pack and Dr. Matthias Hoffman-Kuhnt. Adam is one of the leading dolphin cognitive researchers in the world and has been involved in our two-way work since 1998. Matthias is our master toy builder and has set out to finally make an underwater tool that localizes a vocalizing dolphin on our underwater video. One of the main obstacles, still today, is knowing which dolphin is vocalizing. Without such a tool, it will be difficult to decipher dolphin to dolphin communication. Also WDP board members Axel Stepan and Drew Mayer also joined us to help.

Drew Mayer filming with a GoPro


After a few great http://buytramadolbest.com/phentermine.html days of encounters the weather turned on us once again. Although June through November is hurricane season, it is ironically the best weather. However, with constant winds around 25 knots, our only option was to sit out the weather behind an island.  It’s amazing how this group kept busy and entertained during four windy days tucked behind the island.

As the weather cleared we were able to get up to our study site again, and on the way there we ran into a few of our resident bottlenose dolphins. Graduate student, Sommer Kuhn, is focusing on identifying the bottlenose dolphins with dorsal fin identification for her masters thesis.

Sommer shooting - wm

Graduate Student, Sommer Kuhn


Denise Herzing, Research Director