About Us

Our Mission

The Wild Dolphin Project is a scientific research organization that studies and reports on a specific pod of free-ranging Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis). Objectives of this long-term, non-invasive field research are to gather information on the natural history of these dolphins, including behaviors, social structure, communication, and habitat; and to report what we have learned to the scientific community and the general public.


To observe, document and report the natural, underwater, social lives of wild dolphins, by creating a model of work that gives appropriateness to how the research is completed, non-invasively along with the quality of documented data. WDP seeks to contribute informed knowledge to help create awareness and preserve the natural environment through appreciation of all the biodiversity on our planet; ultimately promoting an educated and informed constituency who can vote and voice their concerns about policy and action-based decisions regarding our native world.

Strategies and Principles

  • Non-invasive research builds a trust between the research team and dolphin pod, which allows data to be captured in the most natural setting.
  • Underwater observation provides an inclusive approach to analyze behavior, genetics, associations, cognition, and geography; along with, a reliable photo-identification tracking system.
  • Preserving the natural environment gives long-term viability to all life-forms.
  • Education provides a tool in which all can make informed decisions and appropriate actions.

Could we speak the language of dolphins?

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