Happy EARTH DAY 2018, from all of us at the Wild Dolphin Project!

Earth is our home and the only planet we’ve got. So, here are 5 simple ways you can help save the planet.

Spotted dolphins in the Bahamas. Photo by Bethany Augliere.

1. Reduce you use of single use plastic, like plastic water bottles, plastic bags, K-cups and straws and switch for the reusable versions. Recycle what you can.

Plastic water bottle floating among seaweed in the Bahamas. Photo by Bethany Augliere.

2. Eat sustainable seafood and less meat, especially red meat. For details on the best seafood to consume, check out the Seafood Watch of Monterey Bay Aquarium.

3. Support non-profit research and conservation organizations. For information on how to support the Wild Dolphin Project, check out our website here.

Researchers with the Wild Dolphin Project study wild dolphins in the Bahamas. Photo by Bethany Augliere

4. Enjoy nature, but be respectful to wildlife and obey rules in place to protect those animals, like the Marine Mammal Protection Act. That includes things like being a mindful boater, braking for turtles and other wildlife on the road, and not disrupting or harassing animals by approaching too closely.

5. Save energy and turn off lights when you leave a room.

To see more photos by Bethany Augliere, check out her website and Instagram account. You can also find the Wild Dolphin Project on Instagram.