Sponsor Spotlight: Ocean Tec Usa

We are so lucky to have the support from a local company like Ocean Tec USA and we want to take a moment to highlight them. Recently, WDP took a moment to sit down with Ocean Tec’s Lily O’Leary to learn more. Read on!

1. In your words, tell us a bit about the company?

Ocean Tec is a hidden gem in West Palm Beach, Florida, producing over 100,000 rash guards annually. Despite its large-scale operation, many people are unaware of its presence. Every year, the company pushes the boundaries of innovation with new machinery, technology, fabrics, and threads. Ocean Tec is deeply passionate about its products and customers.

But Ocean Tec is more than just a factory; it’s a family. The management and sales team are compassionate, kind, and dedicated to helping customers. The production workforce showcases skills and craftsmanship that have become rare in the country due to outsourcing. Remarkably, some employees have been with Ocean Tec for over 15 years, reflecting a strong sense of loyalty and community

We’ve always strived to help independent retailers establish their brands over mainstream brands. By offering high-quality, innovative products and personalized support, we empower small businesses to stand out in a competitive market. Our commitment to independent retailers is a core part of our mission, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities to succeed and grow.

2. Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your products?

The original founders sold the business to the current owner, Jack Bates, who was the CFO for Golden Bear/Nicklaus Companies for many years. In the early 2000s, Jack set out on his own and purchased Ocean Tec USA. As a Jupiter native, Jack has always been deeply connected to the ocean. Despite his busy career, he always made time to share his passion for the outdoors with his children and family.

Starting over in business is never easy, but Jack was drawn to Ocean Tec because of its products and customer base. His desire to help people found a perfect outlet through creating private label rash guards and wetsuits. Jack’s entrepreneurial and laid-back spirit is appreciated by many of our clients and customers, and he continues to come into the Ocean Tec office every day.

What inspires us to make these products is rooted in Jack’s deep connection to the ocean and his passion for the outdoors. We aim to provide high-quality, durable gear that enhances our customers’ experiences and helps them enjoy the activities they love, just as Jack has done with his own family.

3. What sets you apart from similar companies?

We understand that “Made in USA” is not a term for everyone in our price-driven economy. However, our products are distinct because of our unwavering commitment to high craftsmanship and longevity. Each item is meticulously crafted to ensure it gets plenty of use and doesn’t end up in a landfill due to poor quality.

Our specialization in business-to-business sales means we are dedicated to helping independent retailers gain market share over mainstream brands. By choosing our products, retailers can offer their customers superior quality that stands out in the market. Attention to detail and the expertise of our experienced employees provide the backbone of our success, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Our focus on quality, durability, and supporting independent businesses sets us apart from the competition, offering a unique value proposition in today’s market.

4. How did Ocean Tec find the Wild Dolphin Project and decide to get involved?

In 2021, Ocean Tec decided to get involved with environmental outreach, leading us to join the 1% for the Planet initiative and commit to donating 1% of our annual sales. Our founder, Jack, felt strongly about making local donations, believing it was important to know where the money was going and to feel a connection to the impact of our contributions.

Through our research, we discovered the Wild Dolphin Project (WDP), an organization whose mission resonated deeply with us. In 2022, we donated $10,000 to WDP, and in 2023, we provided $4,200 worth of private label merchandise to support their efforts.

We are excited to see our merchandise being used in the field as WDP conducts their research, and we hope it helps them make an even greater impact. Our involvement with non-profits like WDP allows us to contribute to meaningful environmental work, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Overall, Jack has an innovative and caring spirit, which inspires us to make products that protect and enhance our customers’ outdoor experiences. Our commitment to quality and safety stems from these personal experiences and Jack’s desire to help others enjoy the ocean as much as he and his family do.

Head over to Ocean Tec USA here.