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WDP has been featured in magazines such as Outside Magazine and National Geographic.

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"Social Experiment"
Jupiter Magazine, pg. 38 – March 2024 By Nicole Neal

"This Discovery About Dolphins Isn't Entirely Shocking"
New York Times – November 2023 By Carolyn Wilke

"How artificial intelligence could help us talk to animals"
Science News Explores – August 2023 By Kathryn Hulick

"How artificial intelligence could help us talk to animals"  August, 2023 by Science News Explores

"Can AI help us talk to animals?" IFLS eMag 2022 Issue 3  Pp. 10-13

"Denise Herzing Earns Sea Hero Honors for Bahamas Dolphin Research"
Scuba Diving Magazine – July, 2020
By Scuba Diving Editors

"Studying Dolphins in the Wild: My Story"
American Cetacean Society – Whale Watcher Journal, 2020, Volume 43, No. 1
By Denise L. Herzing. Pp. 41-44

"Communicating With Others"
National Geographic – Secrets of Animal Communication Issue, 2019
Page 90, In Translation

"Wild Dolphin Project Charticle"
Chart Palm Beach – Issue 2019-20
Written by Casey Tennyson

"The dolphin diaspora of Little Bahama Bank"
Oceanographic – Issue 9
Written and Photographs by Bethany Augliere

"Into The Blue"
In Jupiter Magazine
Written by Jourdan Porter

"Dr. Denise Herzing: Dolphin Whisperer"
Malibu Magazine – June 2015

"It’s Time For A Conversation"
National Geographic – May 2015

"Dolphin Speak: Understanding Wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins"
Sport Diver Magazine – October 2012
Story by Kevin Palmer and Tanya G. Burnett

"Talk to Me"
Outside Magazine – September 2012
Story by Tim Zimmerman.

"At Home with the Wild Dolphins"
Yachting Times Magazine — 04 – Spring 2011
Story and photography by Tanya Burnett and Kevin Palmer. Pp. 34-38

"Dances with Dolphins"
BBC Wildlife — Volume 9, No. 10, October, 1991
By Denise Herzing. Pp. 689-693

"Dolphins in Crisis"
National Geographic — Volume 182, No. 3, September, 1992
By Kenneth S. Norris, with photographs by Flip Nicklin. Pp. 2-35

In this issue, Dr. Norris and Flip travel around the world visiting sites where dolphins live and where they are challenged by environment and human impacts.  See Dr. Herzing’s research described in this issue.  On the cover are Nippy and Nassau, mother and calf. Nassau is still around and is a mother herself…see Brian Skerry’s blog where he photographed Nassau and her calf Nautilus in 2013 with the Wild Dolphin Project.

Ocean Realm — June 1995
By Denise Herzing, with photographs by Flip Nicklin. Pp. 22-29

"Understanding the Behavioral Biology of Dolphins"
Scientific Computing & Automation — January 1993
By Denise Herzing with Andrew Davis. Pp. 29-33

"Dolphin Spotting"
Sonar, Magazine of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society — No. 6, Autumn, 1991
By Denise Herzing. Pp. 8-10

"Family, Friends, and Neighbors,"
Whalewatcher — Journal of the American Cetacean Society, Volume 26, No. 1, 1992
By Denise Herzing. Pp. 13-15

"Underwater and Close Up with Spotted Dolphins"
Whalewatcher — Journal of the American Cetacean Society, Volume 24, No. 3, 1990
By Denise Herzing. Pp. 16-19

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